SSRS to ReportViewer - mutliple reports to convert/migrate

Nov 4, 2015 at 5:18 PM
Hi Everyone
I'm glad I found this via Learning SQL Server Reporting Services 2012 By Jayaram Krishnaswamy and his websites/blogs which was a saviour along with the link below.
This CODEPLEX site is also one of the best sites I have found.

This doesn't seem to something widely in use or well documented or both!!!

I was given the task of migrating our reports (.rdl) off our Report Server and onto the same server where the web app is running ( using .rdlc )

(1) I havent been able to find anything explaining how to access and reference multiple reports without hardcoding them as shown here:
Other websites and references just illustrate a single record or worse created a new report.

(2) I'm trying to convert existing .rdl files to *.rdlc and migrate from SSRS to ReportViewer and not finding many cases, examples, documentation.
Is there a utility to convert to .rdl to .rdlc for this ?

(3) Report parameters: Can it dynamically code for the parms or do we have to code for each report individually as indicated on the same website mentioned above.

Any ideas, references would be deeply appreciated


George Lewycky
New York City Other useful links I found are: